What makes a family a family? Is it the way they look alike?
Is it a shared DNA? Is it in their blood? Isn’t it plain and simply love?
Love that sees beyond differences.

I Love You Anak is an effort of the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) and ICAB (Inter-Country Adoption Board) to address the stigma of adoption in the Philippines. It may be impossible to undo all the ampon (adoption) jokes and insults that have pervaded the Filipino culture. But stereotypes can be upstaged by a proud declaration of a deep and deliberate love.

In a continuous commitment to turn adoptive families into adoption ambassadors, the I Love You Anak campaign has mounted numerous events to give families a venue to share their beautiful stories. From a family picnic in a public playground to an open concert in Bonifacio Global City, families took the stage and took pride in their special love. They were joined by celebrities who gave support to the cause. OPM President Ogie Alcasid even volunteered his time and talent in launching the I Love You Anak song.

Part of a number of efforts, the I Love You Anak e-book series hopes to inspire parents and equip them in adoption telling. It can be a proud moment for parents to tell their child that the universe made such effort and conspired to bring their family together.

Story after story, bedtime after bedtime, may every child, adopted or otherwise, be wrapped in the warmth of a few simple words… I love you Anak, I love you.